Toolbox Topics


Developmental Software Survey Results

Responding to Texas legislation requiring developmental courses to include technology, Dr. Kathy Stein sought a CRLA grant to survey practitioners. Discover how Texas Math and English educators use various software and technologies in this interesting short document.


Texas Toolbox: Placement

Over the course of several years, key practitioners from across the state were instrumental in the establishment of the TSIA, Texas Success Initiative Assessment. These essays capture the core best practices informed by national experts. From the philosophy of placement, to holistic placement, to preparing students for their placement test, the information in this document is a goldmine for institutions who are reforming how they place students. A brief bibliography is included.

Texas Toolbox: IRW

This document is a fabulous resource for instructors who are accelerating Developmental English curriculum into Integrated Reading and Writing courses. Several national and state experts contributed these short essays about course design, instructional strategies, vocabulary development, grammar instruction, mining language, and organizing curriculum. A list of online resources and a bibliography is included.